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Ticket Solutions

Posted on:1:17 AM
|† By: Vote for the Worst Pinoy

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To You - Pinoy Idol

Posted on:3:19 AM
|† By: Vote for the Worst Pinoy

Gretchen Espina, thanks for winning the competition. You gave us a victory. You have proven that the crappy show needs a crappy winner. And congrats for being the crappy winner that the GMA 7 franchise deserved.

What I think about the FINALE?

Crappy. Walang flow. The best of night was Kid's part na naagawan ng spotlight even si Robby Navarro at Luke Mijares.

The winning song is a mess. Parang refrain and chorus repeat 5 times! Dut. dut.

The finale. Walang grandiose. Walang thrill. Walang pizzazz. Parang auditions lang ng Philippine Idol.

Crappy ang nanalo. Wala man lang performances ang TOP 12! I mean yung isa-isa. I am hoping for solos like Kid and Mr. Basil Valdez, Penelope and Ms. Regine Velasquez or Daryl with Ogie Alcasid man lang.


Parting words, to you visitors! Thanks for reading the recaps and for supporting Vote for the Worst Pinoy. It might not been consistent much, and it might not be a really great spinoff of the original, but hey! It was a good start. We got publicity. Our bet won. We succeeded this season!

Truly, a Vote for the Worst Pinoy: Iboto ang Lagpak victory!

Please check the site from time to time for more Idol-bashing moments.
And please check us out for PINOY IDOL SEASON 2.



Pinoy Idol: Gretchen Espina

Posted on:7:32 AM
|† By: Vote for the Worst Pinoy


Your Bilihan/ Biliran Princess and Pera Idol gave nice performances tonight.

In fairness, siya lang ang may kinda Idol feel tonight. Yung dalawa kasi parang pre-Finals lang. As usual, hindi pa rin kagalingan si Gretchen pero siya ang may better performances tonight.

Round 1: For Your Eyes Only

Mababa ang arrangement pero parang pang 5th runner-up sa isang Pinoy Pop Superstar Finale. So okay na din. BWAHAHAHA.

Round 2: Stand on Love

It suited her. Though the arrangement was adjusted again, it was kinda good to hear her voice na medyo lumalaban. She might've prepared for this well.

Round 3: Ngayon

UP Manila Madrigal Singers.
Haha. Dati, lahat ng finalists may chorale sa likod. If I'm not mistaken sa Philippine Idol eh mas marami pa at mas professional. Her performance is not a WINNER! pero okay na din compared sa other two.

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